Big Fish!

Big fish is another hit by Tim Burton. (let’s face it, he could direct an awful film and I’d still call it amazing. I’m kinda biased here). I don’t know if being able to sum a film up into one sentence means it’s a really good film or a really bad one, there is no in […]

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This week is all about the legend TIM FREAKING BURTON. If you have been following my blog for a while you will most likely know that I love this man. He is a bloody GOD in the movie franchise. 5:Vincent Vincent is the shortest film that Tim Burton has done, it is about a little […]


Hull Horror Fest!

Last Friday I refered to Horror Fest and a friend of mine asked me what it was. So here we go. Horror Fest is the Comic Con for Horror lovers. If you get your fix from films, comics, action figures, fancy dress or anything else, Horror Fest can tickle your fancy.   Horror Fest has […]

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Friday Favourites!

Home Invasion films! This week’s Friday Favourites is going to be my 5 favorite home invasion films, if you have seen any of these let me know what you think. I recommend you check them all out.   5: Panic Room 2002 Panic Room stars Jodie Foster as a divorced woman and Kristen Stewart as her diabetic daughter. They […]

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The Conjuring 2!

Have you seen the first Conjuring? Yes? The you don’t need to see the second. It is pretty much the same as the first, predictable jump scare after predictable jump scare. The Conjuring 2 starts out the same way all possession films start out, talking about the past and how it can’t happen again. This time […]

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Friday Favorites!

 MARVEL MOVIES! This weeks Friday Favourites is going to be my 5 favorite Marvel movies, so sit back buckle up and enjoy. 5: Thor 2011 Thor is the story of (yeah you guessed it) Thor and how he keeps Asgard safe. When Asgard’s problems spill over to Earth Thor has to come and save the day […]

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Vincent is a short animation made back in 1982 by one of my favorate directors/writers. Tim Burton. Vincent Malloy is just a standard little boy, no different to when we were kids. Vincent spends the majority of his time daydreaming about being exactly like Vincent Price. (You probably know who he is, but for those […]

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