Babyliss For Men 7056CU!

The Babyliss For Men 7056CU is a 8 in 1 shaving kit that I’m currently using. For me the main thing is that it’s  RECHARGEABLE. Not enough companies realise this is a thing and make you spend a butt load on batteries to make them work but not Babyliss. The way it’s built I don’t think I will need the 3 year warranty because it feels really sturdy  and strong when in use and it cleans out easily. But it’s nice to know It has a warranty incase I need one.

To change the top/blade all you need to do is push the black button and lift the current one off. Simple. the 8 options include a standard shaver which removes close to the skin. A stubble remover which you use after the first one to get a smoother shave. An ear and nose trimmer to get right up in there and remove the annoying little hair you can feel tickling away. The other four are clips that you put on the blade to set a length in mm of how long you want the hair to be. One of them has 4 sizes to choose from and the other three are a fixed size.

The price will vary depending where you buy it from and what condition it is in. Mine was a Christmas present (that I requested) so I don’t have a clue regarding the price. If you wanna know more leave a question and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.

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