The Executioner!

The Executioner is a horror book written by the same author of “The Crucifix Killer” and his name is “Chris Carter”.

This is the only book I have read by Chris but it easily walks past everything else to my number one spot. (apart from Dr. Seuss green eggs and ham) At 472 pages it isn’t exactly war and peace with 1440 pages. but it is the longest book I have ever read. The books main 2 protagonists are a couple of police officers called Hunter and Garcia.

They work for homicide and they are trying to catch a sadistic serial killer who kills people with what scares them most in life. One victim was burned as a kid and was scared of fire ever since. She was later found with her skin melted off her body. She had being covered in a slow burning liquid while she was tied to a chair. Another victim was found hanging by her feet with her mouth and noes under the water line of her bath. (Anyone guess what her fear was? That’s right. Feet 😉  only kidding it’s water).

Not to give too much away but they get a little help from a girl who claims she can sense other peoples pain. While this serial killer is going around there is also another on that slits the victims throat and ties there hands together as if there praying (crazy catholic was my nickname for him). Garcia and Hunter (just like all over cop based films/books) don’t always approach things as they should and they tend to brake a few of the rules and regulations that police are supposed to follow. My favorite thing that they did to brake the rules was pot a suspects French doors to try and get an interrogation out of him.

If you wanna know more leave a question and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.

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