Empire: Four Kingdoms!

Empire: Four Kingdoms is both an app and a PC game. I have tried both and I’m going to say my preference and say why it’s better. Empire: Four Kingdoms the PC game. It takes ages to load and isn’t the easiest game to keep track on. (Some buildings are now taking upwards of 10 hours). The graphics on the game where both terrible but also impossible to load so instead of a smooth movement when people where walking around the kingdom they would lag around then all of a sudden jump 5 inches across the screen. Empire: Four Kingdoms the app is (in my opinion and fuck yours) by far better. Not only does it load the same day you click it unlike the PC game which took a few weeks. It actually has a smooth interface so when you click something it opens up as and when you click it. The game play actually makes sense as you get messages saying that local barons are trying to claim back there land that was taken from them. You also get a better alliance chat function in the app in the sense that you can keep a little bit on the screen if you wish; or you can close it entirely. In the app you do have to close a minimal of 5 pop trying you to spend real money on there Rubies before you can get to the game. The aim of the game is to build up your kingdom (with or without an alliance) so you can over power the other players and rule the land. You start off with one simple woodcutter one simple farm and one simple quarry. You have to go about the rest of the game building and upgrading EVERYTHING to help you rule. (IF SOMEONE TAKES YOU OUT KILL THAT MOTHER) If you wanna know more leave a question and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Empire: Four Kingdoms!

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