Plantronics CS540!

Plantronics CS540 is a hands free headset for answering your phone. I’m testing one out at work (as I work in the IT department(Not that you give a shit)) before we hand them out to the service desk.

Firstly the set up took fu*cking ages. There are 5 extra cables that I don’t need that are now going to waste in the bloody HUGE box that it came in.

The Hardware. The dock is (as you can see)a small black stand that looks pretty cool and fits in well with my monitor, keyboard and my phone. There are dials on the bottom so you can set a minimum volume for your mic and earpiece. You can also set it so when you pick it up off the stand the call will answer (Which is only useful if you have it as a head set not an earpiece) or so you have to click the button on the earpiece.

The earpiece itself is actually quite big in comparison to others of this standard. It can be set to either left ear or right ear as standard, if it is set to left ear the volume slider is reversed. You can also set it up as a headset so you can quickly get it on and off without having to keep it on all day or to avoid all the faffing to get your ear in the the slip that everyones ear is meant to fit in (Vincent Schiavelli would have trouble slipping them puppies in the slot).

It’s a really nice piece of kit and I even asked my boss if I can have one for my desk.

He said no 😦

If you wanna know more leave a question and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.

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