Chrome Remote Desktop!

Chrome Remote Desktop is a great app created by(You guessed it) Google Chrome so you can remote into any computer that you have set up the connection too and that your Google Chrome account is logged into.

For the connection to work you need to download the following app onto your tablet/phone (Get the app for Andriod HERE) and allow the following extension onto the laptop/computer (Get the extension HERE). You have the option to set a password on your connection so random people can’t try to connect to your computer if they know your google settings. The response from the app to the laptop has a minor delay but what do you expect, remoting something from different networks will have a delay.

The audio will play through both devices so wherever the laptop is they can see and hear the film as well as you on your tablet. The video playback on my tablet had a HUGE delay so much that I missed 20 minutes of Thor: The dark world because the lag was ridiculous.

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux computers can install Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Works from Android devices that install the app through Google Play
  • iOS users can install the mobile app from iTunes
  • Both spontaneous support and unattended access are supported

It will support multiple monitors and features file transfer so you can sync music or films or whatever tickles your fancy from one device to the other

If you wanna know more leave a question and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.

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