Asus Zenwatch!

The Asus Zenwatch is a smart watch powered by Android KitKat. I have had it for about a week or two now and I am EXTREMELY impressed with it.

Getting them to sync took me some time but that was purely my fault. I was trying to rush through it and didn’t read what the watch was saying properly. If I read it (which no men ever do) it would have taken a max of 2 mins to set up.

The fact that you can change the watch face is a huge bonus for me. You can use the defaults or download from the web store. (I have had around 8/9 so far.)

It has IP55 water resistance, which should protect it against rain and splashes and the Gorilla glass covering the screen will resist most scratches (I ordered extra casing for the entire thing to prevent scratches and chips). With 320×320 pixels and a nice bright screen you can sit in the field under the sun and still make out what the notification are showing.

To start off you can only view notifications and texts. After a little personalisation you can talk to reply to certain messages and emails. After I bought an app for £1.32 I could type on my watch to send a text from my phone which I still love. The voice control needs a little bit of adjusting as I have a strong northern accent and It has a hard time catching some words (I haven’t tried swearing at it yet) so I have to enunciate to the extreme as I can’t teach it my accent. The keyboard is the best app I downloaded as it is 100% personalisable, from the size of the keys to where they are located even to how many keys I want on the screen. The next best is remote camera so If your phone is lost you can activate your camera and see who has it and take LOADS of pictures of them with the twist of your wrist.

  • I have also got a calendar that syncs with my phone calendar to bring my reminders to my wrist (Like my upcoming tattoo).
  • I have a calculator that has advanced functions if you swype it.

There are loads of other great apps out there just search Zenwatch in google play and you get a huge hit.

I bought this to go with my new phone (A review will be coming soon) and I almost prefer the watch to my phone.

If you wanna know more leave a question and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.

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