Nokia Lumia 520!

A while ago I said I’m going to review the Nokia Lumia 520. I regret saying that. I can’t stand this phone.

To start off it was a great little bit of kit. All I needed it for was purely email. Nothing else. What so ever. After a few days the keyboard would be pressing the wrong button (e.g. I pressed the M and the L would be clicked) and after a few days this got worse (I pressed the M and the F would be clicked) and it got worse and worse. I decided I would just verbally do it from now on as I rarely use it anyway. So as I was dictating an email to send to my boss saying i’m almost in the office and I can help him in a few minutes. It changed EVERY word I said and started writing about a fricking dog. After restarting the phone (which takes around 10 minutes) it decided to behave. for 5 minutes. And because of this I’m asking for a Sony Xperia E4 to use for work instead. I have heard that the keyboard phantom types at times (thats when the phone types messages without you even tapping anything)

That’s all I’m saying. No questions please. It sucks

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