Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse!

The Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse is the cheapest Microsoft touch mouse they made (hence me been able to review it) the only part that is touch on this is the grey strip in the middle where the scroll wheel would normally be.

screw the 3 buttons on standard mouse. This has 5. Left click, right click, scroller top, middle and bottom. All 5 are programmable to do whatever you want. I have the middle click as a 200x zoom the scroll up is copy and scroll down is paste. Left and right I left as default.

The radio connection that is uses to talk to the receiver (it’s not bluetooth like everyone assumes) that you plug into your device works up to 10 metres away (Which is enough to mess with someone at home. Plug it in the back of the computer and move the mouse around while they are building a house in sims. Hours of fun) The receiver plugs into the base of the mouse so you don’t lose it during transit or if you put it in a cupboard for whatever reason.

My two grumbles are that the touch sense scroll will drop out occasionally. It isn’t just my mouse and I did some research and the whole Microsoft touch franchise loses the ability to work completely now and again. But as it’s just my scroller i don’t give that much of a damn. If I do an engineers reset (turn it off and back on again it fixes the problem)

I really like this mouse and would tell my friends to buy one if we ever spoke about computer mice.

We don’t.


If you wanna know more leave a question and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.

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