Adventure Capitali$t!

Adventure Capitalist is a game quite like Cookie Clicker in the fact to start off you need to click on something repeatedly to get your money. The game first came out to websites like miniclip where it would remain on your computer history as long as you didn’t remove the internet cache, after a while they made the app (download for android here) where the device remembers it and you can play wherever you are despite lack of internet connection. Recently they made the game available to Steam (Download here) so you can have another version for the shits and giggles.

The aim of the game is to own as many businesses as possible to get more and more money. The bonus to cookie clicker is that you don’t just get one thing to click you get multiple. You also get boosts called “Angels” the more you have the bigger bonus you get (You need to sell everything to get them but it’s worth it. I currently have over 190 Million angels). You can upgrade your business in the store by using the cash you make in game you can also upgrade the angels to give you a bigger boost.

The app sets goals for reaching certain amounts in things (if you reach 25 stores you earn a bonus, then when all stores are at 25 you get another and so on) to help you out and earn more. You can buy things in quantities of 1, 10, 100 or MAX (as many as you can) as I’m classed as a high roller now i keep it in MAX as I can quite often buy 200-300 stores in one go (my girlfriend has it on hundreds as she rarely gets that many in one go). If you close the app it will keep going by itself so you have a nice little sum to come back to after you close it to play something else.

(psst. watch adverts and gain a 2X boost for 4 hours)

If you wanna know more leave a question and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.

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