The Infamous Selfie Stick!

This is the first review where I bought something for the specific reason of reviewing it and I’m semi ashamed to say the following sentence. I bought a selfie stick.

The first thought as I unpacked the walkingstick with strap (sorry I mean selfie stick) was why did I do this? I regretted buying one straight away and I lost about 25 man points.

Before I start everything I say is regarding the one I bought and not all selfie sticks (but they are probably just as shite).

Firstly putting the phone in the so called holder which has no structural support to hold a particularly heavy phone, was a bloody pain in the arse because I have quite a large phone, so it’s a handful holding it. My selfie stick has a tiny plastic tab on the top of it to pull the mechanism to get the phone in place. I ended up having to push my phone into it and hoping it wouldn’t brake.

When the pole is collapsed into the handle it felt surprisingly sturdy but I was practically holding the phone as it wasn’t that far away from me. When I extended it by just pulling the pole (the is no safety catches or bolts to stop it from dropping back in by itself just the fact that it’s a stiff ****. It took ages to tighten the holder in place so the phone wouldn’t spin around the stick and drop 3 metres to the floor. After I got all that sorted the next issue was getting the remote to sync with my phone which at first said it was a keyboard so it was just locking and unlocking my phone all the time (at this point I was really questioning what I was doing and if it was really worth it). I sat down for 5-10 minutes and played minecraft. (It was probably more like an hour or two.)

After all the setup was complete the only thing that I had achieved was the ability to to take a picture from up to 3 metres away. Which I could already do if I set it on a timer and rest my phone on the mantle.

If you wanna know more leave a question and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.

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