Sades SA-810 WCG Headphones!

I recently got the Sades SA-810 WCG Headphones so I could play Reign of Kings without pissing off my better half because she’s trying to watch something on her laptop.

I was looking online for the same thing everyone looks for. Something great for really cheap. In these headphones I believe I found exactly that.


The reinforced flexi-plastic on the interior of the padding holds everything in place but also lets it be bent and twisted (see image above). I have no idea why your headphones would need to be twisted around themselves but if your head is that shape, you can still wear them, don’t worry.

The arch (or whatever it is called) that hold the earmuffs together has 4, YES 4, padded cushions so if you wear the like the normal person who has it over there head with the muffs over their ears, or like the dingbats who call themselves DJ’S and only puts one over there ear or any other style that tickles your fancy it will be comfy to do so. The padding on the earmuffs is designed to filter out background noise, so you can keep playing through your mum/wife shouting at you that you need to turn off your game and go cut the grass. The microphone also senses the most prominent sound and only focuses on that so the person you’re Roleplaying with (if that’s your thing) won’t hear that you still live in your mum’s basement and log off.


The sound is so crisp you can hear what the person is thinking and answer them before they even say it. If you don’t want to hear their thought you can adjust the volume with the scroller which (I think) looks pretty cool. As it has both audio output and input it obviously comes with an audio plug for them both sprouting from the same cable.

If you wanna know more leave a question and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.

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