LED Clock Fan!

The LED clock fan is a magnificent little gadget that I got from a wonderful shop called RED5.


First of all, this shop is “LEGEN- wait for it.

Dary. Legendary.”  – Barney Stinson.

They provide all sorts of things ranging from water proof speakers to self stirring mugs to chocolate tools.

When ever I was a little boy and I went to town with my family I would drag my mum to RED5 and spend what felt like hours looking at all the toys and gadgets they had in the store. The staff where sop friendly they loved getting things out of the glass cabinets so I could try things out because it means that they get to play with it too. I always wanted to work there and I kinda still do.

Anyway – The reason your here is for the LED USB Clock fan


This is the kind that I own. It has a metal pole ranging from the male USB port to plug into your tower/a wall adapter what ever. it is flexible enough for you to manipulate it into the position you want. There is also a desktop version but I wasn’t a fan of that, it didn’t look as cool in my opinion.

To set the time you press the power button for 3 seconds and the time starts flicking and you keep pressing it until the correct time is displayed. Their is three hands which adds to the impressiveness (If that’s a real word) because not only does it show the exact time but it keeps up when you turn it off (which may happen quite a bit as the fan is really powerful)

images (1)

The blades are flexible plastic so if you catch yourself while turning it off (i have quite a lot) it doesn’t hurt in the slightest. As you can see above all the lights are coming off one blade that shows the four numbers, the three hands and a border around the entire thing. As it is USB powered you don’t need to change any batteries and if it’s plugged into your tower you aren’t adding to the electricity bill by turning the AC on just to cool down yourself.

If you wanna know more leave a question and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.

Now I’m off to apply for a job at RED5!

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