Genius SP – U110 Speaker!

I have had the Genius SP – U110 Speakers for a few years now. Somebody I use to work with recommended them to me and I have used them ever since I got them. 

While using them you can use the built in volume adjuster to range from Silent to OMG turn that down (That was my sister shouting because she didn’t want to hear me playing minecraft!). Just above the scroller there is an itty bitty green light to let you know that It is turned on.


For the people who don’t understand specs of stuff like this here is a picture of a sun bear download (1)

For those who do understand

Driver Unit-Subwoofer 50 x 90 mm, 4 ohm
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 70 dB
Frequency Response 200 Hz~18K Hz
Volume Control YES

For a cheap set of external speakers (2 years ago I payed £10 I just looked and there about £5) I would highly recommend them for a cheap set up. (While you read this I’m going to look at more pics of sun bears)

If you wanna know more leave a question and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.

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