First Request! Drop Dead Fred!

Drop Dead Fred is an interesting film. It’s a combination between the most childish thing you can get, (a misbehaving imaginary friend) and one of the most Grown up things you can get, (a failing marriage) i think it goes without saying but to play it safe they are happening to the same woman.

Drop Dead Fred is the imaginary friend that causes all the trouble throughout the film. He claims he is only there because Lizzy is unhappy with her life and he wants to do what ever it takes to make her happy again. (Even if that means trampling dog poop into her mums newly bleached carpet)

Fred will do the worst thing possible in any situation e.g. when he was on Lizzy’s friends house boat he wanted to go as fast as possible so he started smashing everything in the engine room and started opening random pipes. Inevitably he ended up sinking the boat instead of speeding them up

I won’t say any more so there are no more spoilers.

If you want to know anything leave a comment and I’ll get back to ya. Thanks for reading

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