Akinator the Genie!

Akinator the Genie is an app that was recommended to me by my sister (find her here). Akinator is a Genie who will guess who you are thinking of (real life or character) or if you program them in he will guess your family.

He will ask as many questions as it takes, he could be miles away and not have a trace of you you are thinking of but then all of a sudden he has the perfect question and he knows who it is. If he guesses wrong you can either carry on until he gets it or you can tell him who it was. If he gets it you will get an award (the awards have different ranks based on how recently someone else has played them.


There are no categories that he won’t guess so you can use anime characters, horror film stars, adult actors *wink wink* if includes someone you can play them (I used Nina from FMA as both human and as a chimera and he guessed them both). Now a moment of silence for Nina.


The more you play it the more he learns so he will get better at guessing and have better questions that are more relevant based on your standard style of character. Download it here for android and here for apple. To play it on the internet without the app download it here.

If you want to know anything leave a comment and I’ll get back to ya. Thanks for reading

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