Hola: Better Internet!

Hola: Better Internet is a google plugin that allows you to access any website from any server across the world.

Yes that means you can access the American Netflix to get the next session of whatever it is your on a bender watching all night then causing you to pass out at work the next day. This next bit kinda goes without saying to most people but there will be someone somewhere that wouldn’t realise this then start complaining.

As Hola is accessing other servers across the world your internet speed will drop, it could be a tiny bit or it could be a lot but it will drop and possibly spend longer loading the film then it actually is. download (1)

One of the first things I install on chrome when I get a new setup is Hola, (they also have a web browser). That way I know that I am covered if I decide that I don’t want, to wait a few weeks for the next episode of something to come out.

Netflix isn’t the only site it works on but it is the biggest reason people get it. Hola also works on shopping sites like eBay, Amazon or anything else you want to try so, you can order things that aren’t for sale on the british servers but might be available, in China or Russia or for the one Canadian reader I get now and again you can feel like you are further away from America that you actually are. (Or closer, your call.)

Hola also have VPN software available but after a bit of research (by which I mean I looked at one news article clip) they have apparently had a case of hacking going on lately as they don’t scan the security settings they just set it up and keep it running with no maintenance. Another article headline I saw inferred that they are selling off people network settings of those who use the VPN but it didn’t look at that so research that yourself if you really give a damn.

If you want to know anything leave a comment and I’ll get back to ya. Thanks for reading

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