Crucial Technology!

Crucial is a website (hence the category) that will tell you what you can install in your laptop/desktop to upgrade (improve) it. They mainly work with RAM (Random. Access. Memory) but they also sell SSD (solid state drives) which are a replacement to HDD (Hard disk Drive) but I won’t get into which is better.

I have used Crucial a couple of times and I highly recommend them as you can either enter your computer make and model or have there software scan your system and tell you what you have inside if you don’t want to take it apart and look for yourself. After running there scan a webpage will load with your system information (as I said above) and what you can install as an upgrade.


This is what my system scan results look like. You can see on the left what is currently in my (work) laptop, on the right you can see what I can install to upgrade. They tell you all the specifications for said upgrades so you can compare them to other websites if you wish. Obviously the price is listed so you know how much you will be paying if you do wish to upgrade.

One of my favorite things about crucial is that they give you a 100% fit guarantee (that is kinda self explaining but for you who don’t understand, it means they promise it will fit) and if you got the wrong on or for some reason it didn’t fit you will get a full refund including postage (if you paid any)

images  After finding Crucial I don’t think I will be using any other site to but my RAM from. They may be more expensive than eBay or Amazon but you know it will fit and that it is new, (people on eBay lie all the time) so you can feel confident putting it in your machine.

If you want to know anything leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading

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