Someone messages me the other day asking for a review on Sunbears. So here it it “Josh”tumblr_lxo5m8yPL91qbqmvzo1_400


Sun bears are so named because of the bib-shaped patch on their chests (obviously), which legend says represents the rising sun.   The reclusive sun bear, smallest member of the bear family, lives an insular life in the dense lowland forests of Southeast Asia.

Sunbears are the smallest of the bear species and they normally only grow between 4 and 5 foot long and tend to weigh around 7 stone. This is a Sunbear compared to a 6 foot mansize-sun-bear-160-2911-cb1285018191

Sunbears don’t tend to hunt large animals that much (due to being a midget). so their diet mainly focuses around Insects, small birds, fruit, honey, lizards, rodents, and the soft parts of palm trees. When a cub is born they are completely bald, deaf and lack the sense of smell.

Sun bears like to make their homes in the branches of trees. Their small size, 4-inch-long  claws, and large paws help them move easily in trees. They build a nest for resting or sunbathing in the treetops. Sun bears have an especially long tongue (They have the longest tongue of any bear species at 18 inches). It helps them reach honey and insects inside of trees and other tight places. Their appetite for coconuts, oil palms, and other crops have led to trouble between these bears and humans who farm these crops.

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