If you have a smartphone and internet connection I’m pretty confident to say you know what snapchat is.

For those who don’t know what it is read here. If you do you can skip this and look at the completely normal photo of three Flamingo’s on the right.


Snapchat is an app that allows somebody to send a picture or video to somebody for 10 seconds then it get’s deleted forever (I can only think of one reason somebody would want to send a picture for a short period of time, but let’s not go there *Cough* nude pics *Cough*) unless the receiver takes a screenshot.

After a while snapchat decided that not only should you be able to send it to just one person but you should be able to post it to your “story” where it will remain for 24 hours unless you take it down. Sadly there are three kinds of people who spam the story and they are as follows.

3: The lesser of three evils is the person who send a picture (the entire ten seconds) of what they are watching on TV and there story can range anywhere from 50 seconds to 100+

2: The person whose entire story is them standing in front of a mirror wearing different cloths, in the same stance with the same facial expression. Their story tends to reach 100 seconds to 200+ in the space of ten minutes. This is a personal pet peeve but quite as annoying as the next one.

1: This is the person who goes out quite often and takes a 10 second video, consistently for half an hour of them on the “dance floor” (they don’t do much dancing they are just standing there looking at themselves on their phone). They will do this throughout the space of the night so you wake up to a 2000 second story. Sometimes longer.

imagesRecently Snapchat have published an update where you can do things to your face. The most popular one seems to be making it look like you’re puking a rainbow see left. The other options are the ability to make you look like a character from a very bad, very cheap horror film, if that doesn’t tickle you pink you can look like an anime character or how about having HUGE cartoonish eyes that look like they are about to burst? No? Me neither, one that caught my eye pretty quickly was the Iron Man helmet, (but again it was at how shockingly bad and cheap they made it look) these are but a few, I will put a picture below of a few.


At first I though snapchat was pretty pointless because I could just text my friends (if I had any) instead of sending them a photo of me with one line of text trying to find out what they were doing today. However, in comparison to the newer version I would happily only use the original snapchat for any form of communication with anyone, if it would make the rest of the world (or more like 3 people that snap me >.>)stop filling my notification bar with them looking like they are sucking on Nyan cat or spamming the story of them dancing. Sadly I don’t think that will happen so I will just uninstall. Actually that’s a lot easier. And hassle free. Bye snapchat.

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