Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1!

SM-T530NYKABTU-25806-0The Samsung Tab 4 is my latest gadget, (although it was announced on April 1st 2014, and was released May 1st 2014). The main difference to the rest of the Tab 4 generation is the increased size and battery life. (See size right)

I’m going to jump right in on the specs and say my opinion after. You all know the drill, If you don’t know/care about specs look at this picture of a camel eating a child.

download (3)Running a Quad core CPU puts it in the average marks these days but a Quad core that is only at 1.2 GHz is kinda shocking and I would expect more from Samsung. The Main camera is a ridiculously low 3MP (if you’re a constant reader you may remember that my phone is 13 MP), the front camera is even worse with 1.3MP. Recording video runs at 30FPS (frames per second) so it’s not to bad for a short 5 second video of my little boy trying to climb onto the table (yes, I still hate people who take pictures and video’s with there tablet, It was the first thing to hand).  With the RAM running at 1.5GB and the ROM is a pretty generous (in comparison to the rest of the tablet) 16GB. The external memory kicks my Phones ass here, it can take 64GB (double my phone) Micro SD card (which I have nearly filled with films :P).

As bad as the tablet sounds, I love it. It has handled everything I throw at it so far, the UFC game has a little lag when the app is first opened but after that it runs fine. Every film, every game, every song looks, plays and sounds AMAZING. It is one of the best tablets I have ever used (and miles better than an iPad). As I have my laptop and computer working now I no longer need my tablet to skype on but I may need to give it a try just to see how well it will work. I play a few very high performance games that ask a lot of my tablet and would have drained my last one in 30 mins with over 20 minutes of that been frozen lag waiting for it to come back to me.

I’m currently looking for a keyboard case to go along with it. If anyone has one they recommend let me know. Thanks for reading.

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