Hello, welcome to Black-Bird’s reviews. I am not he however. BUT I’m his sister, so you can expect the same terrible jokes and play on words.  (Thank our dad).

As I sit here at 6pm on this cold, wintery (so not a word) Monday in October, thgif_460x297_31f904ere is only one thing on my mind after working a long day in retail. Not food, not sleep, no not even my ridiculous fluffy dressing gown I am wearing (literally SO warm)…well yes all of those things are on my mind, but CHRISTMAS.

Yes this is a blog about Christmas, because…CHRISTAMS! This is my favourite time of the year, despite hating it when in my retail job 6pm on Christmas eve explaining why there are no turkeys left, it’s still my fave and for those of you that say it isn’t Christmas yet this blog is for YOU!

Christmas to me is not just a day in the year, but a season of the year. I find the lead up to Christmas just as exciting as the day itself (I wake up at 5am…not even kidding). All the Christmassy gifts/chocNo-Bah-Humbugsolate/drinks that are working their way into the shops is all I need to get me in the spirit. Pumpkin spice latte? Yes. Mulled wine? Yes. Pigs in blankets? YES. From everything such as going to the pantomime, to seeing the city Christmas lights being switched by the year-before-lasts x factor runner-up, these things all bring us together as a community, you can feel the excitement in the air from little kids to big kids (me). I think this is something that shouldn’t be grumbled about ‘oh, it’s all consumerism’ ‘It’s all money-making’ ‘it gets earlier every year’ yes, those three statements are all more than likely true, BUT is there anything wrong if that? If it makes people feel good, and as I say bring us together as a community.No there bluming well is not.

So let’s not worry ‘I have I spent enough on sue, what if she has spent more on me and I’ve spent way more on Jill then sue, maybe I should get her a bottle of Baileys to make it look like I’ve spent more?’ yes let’s not do that, let’s just give a gift that we think the receiver will really appreciate, and have a lovely ‘ol time with our family and our friends, maybe even have a couple of games of charades until dad falls asleep and granddad starts dropping his false teeth out his mouth, then we can open the mulled wine get nice and merry before watching that DVD mum got me as a stocking filler. We can then have the leftover turkey in a toasties (and for the next six weeks) then we can all sit down as a family and not speak as we watch coronation street Christmas special.

Thanks for reading (if you made it this far) please do check out my blog emelijayne where I post loads….<3xx

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