Would You Rather!

Before I get into the review I’m going to talk a little about the blog.

After talking to an old friend the other day I have decided that I want to start doing “Movie Monday” which is pretty self explanatory, every monday I want to release a review on a movie. It may be a really old classic that I think more people should see, It could be a new film that needs more recognition, or I could try and take down a really popular film which everyone thinks is awesome, just expect more film reviews.

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Now, to the film. Would You Rather is a Horror film made in 2012 and as you can tell by the featured image they aren’t asking “Would you rather Kiss Boy A or Boy B”, it’s more like “Would you rather whip Guy A with this ancient whip, or stab Guy B in the thigh with an IcePick”. Is that it? I hear you ask. No. No it’s not. The best twist of the film is that they actually have to do whatever they choose.

The game is held by a multi-millionaire sadistic aristocrat who (ironically) want’s to help who ever wins the game. “But BlackBird, Why do they play the game?” Good question reader. The players all went to Shepard Lambrick’s (The guy hosting the game) mansion for a meal because he gathered them by finding people who needed medical help for somebody they love but couldn’t afford it. Iris (The main protagonist) is playing for her younger brother who needs a transplant, the costs for all the pills and the surgery are too much for iris to afford as she has no job. Her brother is also at the bottom of the transplant list and Shepard Lambrick said that he can get him one if Iris wins. Oh yeah, and if they don’t pick one. They get shot in the head.None of the players know that they are going to be playing a deadly game when they go there.

images (2)The thrill of the film to the watcher is that they don’t know what challenge is going to happen next or how the players are going to react to the challenge they are given. But I’m not going to give away any more of the tasks that they have to do because I don’t want to ruin it for you. One of the things that made the film a lot better for me is that  Eddie Steeples was in it, you may know him from My Name Is Earl, he played  Darnell Turner (Crabman).

Although you don’t see a lot of Gore in the film you still cringe or wince at certain parts because the way it’s done and the way the actors react to everything is amazing. If you haven’t seen this film I really recommend it. It’s my favorite Horror film as of late.

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