Hill Climb Racing!

Hill Climb Racing was initially released back in 2012 but with the last update been pushed out on 21st of October 2015 I’m pretty happy to say that they are still updating the game and giving everyone who plays new things to do and achieve. It is available on both Android and apple.

The purpose of Hill Climb Racer is kinda obvious. You drive up and down hills and mountains of various sizes trying to beat your personal best. The vehicle you drive around are upgradeable, they all have different upgrades depending on what it is your driving/riding.Hill-Climb-Racing-Upgrades The Jeep is what I’m currently driving and this is what you can upgrade for it:The Engine so you can get (to quote Jeremy Clarkson) MORE POWERRRR; the suspension so you won’t go flying all over the place when you come back to the ground after a flip; your tires can be upgraded to improve traction therefor more of the power is being used to push you up the hill, and finally you can upgrade the four-wheel drive for when either your front or rear wheels get stuck on an obstacle you can keep going.


There are multiple levels on multiple maps so you could stay on map one and keep pushing the levels higher and higher trying to beat your last record, if you had just a little more power you. could. inch. forward. or when you have enough money you can buy the next level and start from level one and try to go 200m, although your last map you have gone 2573m so chances are you might, just might, make it to 200m.

Different levels have different obstacles, be it trees you need to drive over and destroy, a bridge that bounces like those insane little bouncy balls that were practically, impossible to catch that you got from them 10p machines,IMG00228-20100404-1539 that you would see at every corner shop back in my childhood. I’m guessing people started stealing the entire thing or braking them to take the toys, because I haven’t seen any in years but alas, I digress. Another obstacle could be as simple as a seemingly impossible, so-called “Hill” which is more like a bloody mountain that you keep failing to get up so you just drive back and forth until you run out of fuel.

I can’t see this been the kind of game that makes you watch the clock until it hits home time (whether you’re at school or work) so you can race home to your favorite chair (come on, we all have one) or your spot on the sofa so you can play it until you see sunrise and start to panic that you need to get ready for the next day. For me, that game is Skyrim and it probably always will be. I see this game as the time killer or the distraction we all need now and again. Are you sitting on the bus with some prick from back in your college days? Have you still not forgiven him for stealing your girl? No? Pull the game out, DISTRACTION. You win, you don’t even need to acknowledge his existence. Or you might have arrived where you’re meeting a bunch of friends 5 minutes early for whatever reason, pull the game out TIME KILLER. You win, you get to meet your friends and beat your best score. Best_iPad_iPhone_games_Hill_Climb_Racing_1200b

The main thing for me is that they kinda follow physics in the concept if you have way more power than traction your car just wheel spins for a while but at the same time they completely ignore physics with the same thing, if your power is higher than your traction your car could just randomly go on it rear wheels and you’d have to slam on the break to throw the front wheels back down, so you don’t roll the car.

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