Minecraft Pocket Edition!




Minecraft Pocket Edition is (You guessed it.) Minecraft for tablets or phones or something with a touch surface that can download apps and it kinda goes without saying… Fits in your pocket.

My World

Just like standard Minecraft it gets pretty boring pretty quick unless you can think of things to do constantly while you’re in survival. My main way of playing is taking over a village and renovating it for my own needs (see left). I have three tree farms (although I’m in the middle of a forest), the three farms that come as standard with a village, the standard buildings: two watch towers; two big houses; five storage buildings and the (what I call) Blacksmith (the building made of stone with lava and furnaces.) I also made a few mines nearby and a cow farm.


In Creative it is even worse then it is normally because there is no challenge in the game as you can do/build anything without the effort of having to mine for the blocks you want or to go foraging for the food.

The mobs are the same as they are on the PC version being:

:Hostile: Wither Skeletons, Witch, Zombie, Zombie Villager, Blaze, Creeper, Magma Cube, Silverfish, Spider Jockey (a skeleton on a spider), Ghast, Slime, Skeleton and a Chicken Jockey (a baby zombie on a chicken). Chicken Jockey



First Mob added to the game. Can be sheared to obtain 1-3 wool and killed to obtain 1 wool. Can be bred using wheat.


Passive mobs that are good sources of food (porkchops). Can be ridden in the PC version, but currently not in PE. Can be bred using carrots, beetroots or potatoes.


Useful mobs that are a good source of food. Drop raw beef and leather when killed; the leather can be used to craft armour. Also gives milk when milked using a bucket. Can be bred using wheat.


Small mobs that do not take fall damage. Drops eggs at regular intervals (around 10 minutes). Drop raw chicken and feathers when killed. Can rarely spawn with a zombie or zombie pigman riding it.villager


Spawn in villages. Also called NPCs (Non Playable Characters) Villagers and Testificates.


Spawns only in Mushroom Biome. Drop raw bmooshroomeef and leather similar to cows, but give red mushrooms when sheared, and mushroom stew when ‘bowled’ (tapped on by a bowl). When sheared, turns into a normal cow.



Shy mobs that can be tamed by offering fish (raw/cooked). Spawn exclusively in the Jungle Biome. Become Cats when tamed and change skins. Both Ocelots and Cats scare away creepers, which make them a great companion when fighting creepers.


Flying mobs that spawn underground in caves, strongholds, etc. Do not drop anything. Hang on blocks when undisturbed.


Spawn in Water bodies, including oceans, rivers, etc. Release Ink when attacked, and drop ink sacs. Do not have unique dying animation.


Shy mobs that spawn in most biomes. Avoid the players, Wolves and other Hostile Mobs. Will find and eat mature Carrot Crop. Can be fed using Dandelions and Carrots.


Tameable mobs that spawn in Plain and Savannahs biomes. Don’t run away even if attacked and can be breed using Golden Carrots and Golden Apples. Can be saddled and ridden. Drop Leathers when killed.


Mods, Texture packs and Skins are still customisable as long as you also have an app called Blocklauncher. Without Blocklauncher you can only play Minecraft as it comes. The Mods I have installed are: Explosive Arrows which are helpful when your trying to destroy a mountain or if you want to remove a hill for what ever reason I also have the mod Too Many Items, which I can use to give myself the few items that aren’t yet available in Minecraft PE. A full review on Blocklauncher is to come.

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