Red Dragon!

Red Dragon is the first film in the Hannibal Lecter Trilogy (although it came out after “Silence Of The Lambs” (I guess its kinda a prequel.)) and the next film for my Movie Monday.

In Red Dragon you actually get to see some of Hannibal’s crimes, well, their insinuated. Where as in Silence of the Lambs he was talking about the crimes he previosly commited then we saw him escape. Yet I digress. As I feel this doesn’t have as much fame as the others in the series I won’t spoil it too much for you lovely people by saying everything that happens, just a little bit of information here and there.

Once again Hannibal is really the supporting role to Will Graham, (Just like he was for Agent Clarice M. Starling,) as he is in lockdown and is providing little nuggets of criptic information, in his classic riddle like approach to help catch “The ToothFairy” (trust me, he’s scarier than you might think.) In Red Dragon you get to see what the killer is doing while the FBI are trying to work out who he is, just like we did in Silence of the Lambs. However, this time he is trying to be good for his lady friend, instead of trying to be a lady like Buffalo Bill was. Just like Buffalo Bill, The Toothfairies main mistake was contacting Hannibal, because as we all know, Hannibal tells the FBI how to find who they are looking for ALL THE DAMN TIME. What ever happened to not ratting on your own kind?

Blah Blah Blah more movie plot spoilt. The way Edward Harrison played Will Graham really reminded me of his fightclub character, (I hope that doesn’t count as breaking Rules 1 and 2) so that kinda killed it a little for me, but if I saw them the otherway round in the order they came out,(Red Dragon then Fightclub) I could be saying that fightclub was ruined by having the Detective from Red Dragon in it. If any of you have seen the third film in the series Hannibal you may remember the Black Dr, that stole some of Hannibal’s things after he left the facility was the person who looked after hannibal longer than anyone else did without ever been attacked,and that is showed by having him in Red Dragon also.

The two best scenes in Red Dragon for me are when the reporter is rolling down the street iBurned Aliven a wheelchair while he’s burning alive and at the very end when the person in charge of the prison Hannibal’s in comes over and says a woman from the FBI is here to speak to you (for the slow people out there or the people who generally have no clue. He is regarding Agent Spalding) and Hannibal replies simply with “What’s her name?”

Thanks for reading. If you wanna know anything just leave a comment and I’ll get back to ya.

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