WD My Passport Essential!

Western Digital My Passport is (as some of you tech obsessed nerds out there may know), an external hard-drive. My review is on the upgraded version as they have made the same external HDD (Hard Disk Drive the correct name for a Hard-Drive) twice but the upgraded version has a few important tweaks added into it, there is also some luxury perks added in.


  • Portable
  • Large capacity
  • USB 3.0 compatible

As it’s an EXTERNAL Hard-Drive it is bound to be portable but a fair few of them are still a bit clunky and you can’t really carry it around with you in your daily life (see below). With the MP Essential I can walk around it it in my pocket as it’s a humble size can slide in pretty much any trouser pocket or bag bottle holder (which is where I keep mine)

Height 15 mm
Width 110 mm
Depth 83 mm

Large capacity is optional as there are multiple sizes, 1 TB, 500 GB and one with a simple 320GB, but it is kinda the norm to bring out the same thing with multiple different capacities these days.

The now-aging USB 2.0 can transfer data at a very high 60 megabytes per second (MBps). As good as that is, it’s no match for USB 3.0, which can easily handle up to 5gbps (640 MBps)—over ten times as fast as the 2.0 maximum.


  • Backup software isn’t the best out there

All external hard-drives tend to come with auto backup software lately which can be helpful if (like most people) you don’t want to loose everything you keep on your hard-drive (I copy all my DVD’s onto mine so I can carry around over 150 films with me without having that many disks).

The only downside I have found in 3+ years of having this is that the backup software isn’t as good as it could be as it took a while to get it sorted out to back up the right parts and skip what wasn’t needed (my Minecraft worlds). It took so long to set up and it still didn’t work properly so I saved the films on a cloud, formatted my hard-drive to remove the backup software and put all the films back on. Now I have a local copy of all my films for when I don’t have a network connection and I have more space to add more films in the future.

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