Nosferatu is a silent horror film from 1922 (obviously it’s black and white also) and was based on the original Dracula.
When I first realised that it was a silent film I was hesitant about watching it but (thankfully) I powered through and saw the entire film. I have seen it a minimum of 10 times in the past year. For me, that’s a lot as I try to move on to a new film quite regularly: both for my own personal enjoyment and for you lovely readers.

As the film doesn’t have much recognition and I REALLY HATE SPOILERS I won’t go into to much detail.

The main story starts with an estate agent (Hutter) being told he has to go meet with a guy who wants to buy a house, ( of course all the communication is done via text on the screen). After Hutter gets to the castle where the buyer lives (if you haven’t guessed by now, the buyer is Nosferatu) he starts talking about the house for sale and how it is directly opposite the home he shareswith his wife. After seeing a picture of the aforementioned wife the count is even more eager to buy the house.


After a while in the castle Hutter realises what evil he is up against and and want’s to go home to stop the trade/save his wife. The count then has Hutter locked in his room while he (the count) sails back the the town in which he is meant to buy a house. Hutter eventually escapes (who didn’t see that coming?) and…

That’s where I’m going to leave it. I’m being vague here and not spoiling the ending.

I think this really is a great film and pretty much everyone should see this as some point.
If you end up watching thisfilm let me know what you think of it.

Nosferatu is also one of my favourite tattoo pieces of my horror film sleeve.

Once again I have been away a while as I moved not that long ago and I should be posting more again.

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