BlockLauncher is (as I said before) the app that lets you install mods, texture packs or skins to Minecraft P.E.

Screenshot_2016-04-11-17-31-49This is the default screen when you run Blocklauncher without a texturepack installed as a texturepack changes the loading screen as well as the game screen. If you wish to add a texture pack you will need to download a seperate app for that also. I use “Texture Pack for Minecraft PE” (yeah I know, really creative name). After installing that you can slide through all the choices and pick one you like. For mods I use “Mods for Minecraft PE” (again, really creative). Who can guess what app I use for skins?. If you guessed “Skins for Minecraft PE” you guessed right đŸ™‚ and if you where curious they are all made by the same company/group/people what ever you want to call it.

To use any of these mods, skins or texture packs you have to play minecraft through BlockLauncher. You can still do everything that you can do on the standard Minecraft while in BlockLauncher, e.g host multiplayer (while doing this everyone has your mods, not just yourself), join multiplayer (while doing this you don’t use your mods, you use the hosts) you can also  use BlockLauncher to changs to the basic skins that Minecraft makes available.


When you install texturepacks they will auto list in a specific folder so you can flick through them and pick the one you want. I only have the one at the moment but you can still get the idea with the picture below. The same goes for any mods you may want to install. I currently only have two mods myself (too many items and explosive arrows too many mods


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