Bates Motel!

Before I start, this is a tv series not a movie so this can be posted whenever, it doesn’t need to be on a Monday 🙂 (that was mainly to stop my pedantic mind going crazy not stopping people from complaining haha)

Bates Motel is pretty much a 2013 (series 1) tv series prequel to the 1960’s horror film Psycho. It shows you what happened to Norman while he was growing up to make him the crazy b@st@rd he is in the films.

Norma (Norman’s mother played by Vera Farmiga) does everything she can to hide Norman (Played by Freddie Highmore) from everyday life such as the girls at school. Going out with friends and even the possibility of having a girlfriend. When you first watch Bates Motel Norma is the worst part of the entire thing, she seems to be the biggest B!tch you will ever hear of. Later on it comes to light their are actual reasions for her to act the way she does (I won’t say, but if you have seen Psycho you already know). Dylan is Norman’s half brother with a HUGE FRICKING TWIST (played by Max Thieriot, I have no idea how to pronounce his surname so a friend and I call him Max the riot.) Dylan doesn’t know about Norman’s problems at first at tries to take him away from Norma for his own good because he can only see the bad side of Norma.

Sheriff Alex Romero (played by Nestor Carbonell) is as previously stated the sheriff of White Pine Bay. Based on how much time he spends talking to/helping out the Bates family with stuff he can’t have much else going on. Or his crush on Norma could just mean he puts them as the town priority I’m still working on that one ;). Alex isn’t the only police officer that falls for Norma’s ohh woah is me act either, but I’m not going to go into every single character so watch it and find out if your that bothered. When Bates Motel first started we didn’t trust Alex as he was blaming the Bates for pretty much anything that happened (yes they always commited the crime but give them a break). Suprise Suprise later on he becomes the good guy and does anything he can (including commiting fruad) to help them out.

The only other person deserving of a mention is Emma (played by Olivia Cooke). Emma is the nicest person in the entire program, she is there for anyone and everyone when they need any help. Yes she may get sad or mad for a little bit but if you where dying (she has Cystic Fibrosis) you would get grumpy every now and then also. Emma is a quirky (to put it nicely) girl who has a really old soul, as she quickly gets feelings for Norman he is bound to end up coming round to her house where he (Norman) mets her (Emma) dad who is into taxidermy (stuffing dead animals). As Norman is a weird kid himself he soon picks it up as a hobby.

If you do end up watching it (which I hope you do) tell me what you think 🙂

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