Facebook Messenger!

Facebook Messenger is pretty self explanatory it’s the messenger used by. You guessed it facebook. However for a while now, it’s been trying to be more.

This isn’t from my phone. I took all these pictures from google.

A few of you may remember when Messenger automaticaly synced your Facebook messages and your texts onto the Messenger app. After updating the app the other day it synced everything through again so all my texts started showing up, which I find pointless. I go on Messenger to use Messenger, not to start texting people, huge side note this review is going to take ages to write, the walking ball of fluff we call Tazer (half Pomeranian half Chiwawa) is on my bed jumping on my keyboard the entire time I’m writing this.

When I set it up I didn’t have a choice but to sync them together so I had to remove around 26 conversations before I could see my Facebook conversations. It wasn’t untill after I removed them all that I realised that it also deletes them from my phone in general. That’s when I flipped out. Not only have I lost some conversations that I was savig because they where from people I care about but I also had some messages that had some information I needed to keep. Now I have lost them all. Thanks Obama. I loved the Thanks Obama thing that happened. Can we bring that back?

The games Facebook tried intergrating made Messenger slightly humorous for a few days when it first came out. The basket ball game kept me entertained for a few minutes at a time as it soon gets boring just flicking my screen. The chess one however I only played twice, the first time went without a hitch, we both knew how to play, we both had our prefered techniques and it worked perfectly.The secod game I played was with my older sister (the girl that did the christmas guest post). That was possibly the worst chess game of my life. It started with me having to tell her what each piece was called and how they move. (I should have given up there and then). Then after we started, the game kept telling us that moves aren’t possible e.g. moving my pawn one space forward or my Queen moving at all. I’ll stop now before I get really pissy about this insanely messed up app.

Thanks for reading guys. Once again let me know what you think and if you liked the merge.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Messenger!

  1. Good review bro was more entertaining than the film ones, made me laugh about Tazer jumping on your bed and playing chess with Emily. 😂


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