Bunny and the Bull!

Bunny and the Bull is a 2006 comedy drama directed by the genius that brought us Mighty Boosh. The one. The only. Paul King.
image Bunny and the Bull is about a guy called Stephen. Stephen has agoraphobia (extreme fear of open or public places) so therefore he never leaves his flat he also has (well, I believe he does) OCD because his other nasty habbit happens to be that he, meticulously labels and stores everything he owns, touches or excretes, from nail clippings to urine.

The majority of the film is seen in flashback form. We see a trip around Europe Stephen took with his only friend Bunny (sadly he isn’t the main protaganist. Although he is awesome), an outgoing, gambling addict. The European trip sucked beyond belief (Stephen wants to visit every museum imaginable for example, a shoe museum and a cutlery museum) when all of a sudden in Poland they meet Eloisa, a Spanish waitress at their favorate restaurant, and offer to drive her home for her city’s fiesta. While on the journey they get up to all sorts of various events that no normal person would get caught up in. They steal a stuffed bear from a hotel and end up swimming under ice to try and keep it from a hobo that likes to drink dogs milk fresh from the lactating dog. The rest I’ll leave for you to discover on your own by watching it. That’s if this hasn’t put you off it yet.

I’ll skip everything else and just approch the last part of the title. The Bull. While taking Eloisa to Spain she mentions that that the fiesta is in fact a bull fight with other attraction happening also. Upon hearing this Bunny decides it will be a good idea for him to fight a bull although he has never had any training or practice fighting anything in his entire life. The ending is the best part (as it tends to be for a lot of films) so I won’t say how the fight goes. Just remember, something happens to make Stephen become an agraphobe.


Thanks for reading guys. If you have seen this let me know what you think 🙂

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