WinX DVD Author

WinX DVD Author is some of my favourite software at the moment, it does most things regarding DVD/films, from copying my DVDS to my external HDD that I reviewed earlier, all the way to burning a film/video to a DVD for whatever reason.

If you have loads of little clips you can add them all together, to make it into a consecutive film/programme/thing so you don’t need to keep changing clips all the time. The picture above is an example using Ice Age 3, I have never made a film out of clips before however I have compiled multiple short programs onto a disk for a friend the other day. This took about 30 minutes from start to finish, there were 5 episodes and each out took around 5 minutes to render then burn onto the disk.

There are various ways to use the software to make a DVD, my favorite lets you add a title screen so you can use it as a standard DVD. There is a standard play button, scene selection (you can decide how many scenes you can pick from. I think that’s pretty cool myself) or if the film you are burning has a special features they can copy across also. Keeping the theme of a standard DVD you can also add an image to said screens to add to the over all realism.


The way this software steps up to the plate (baseball reference) in comparason to other disk buring software I have tried is the way it lets you pick all the settings (whch is only a good idea if you know what your doing). Although when you first load the clip into the software it will set up the basic setting e.g. the ration is 4:3 for standard tv’s (as seen above) and you can upgrade that is you are going to be watching on a wide screen tv. The DVD menu is what I was talking about earlier with scene selection. Start time and End time are pretty self explaining, if you want to skip the adverts at the beginig of the disk, find out how far in the play menu comes up and set that as the start time. The same goes for if you want to skip the credits at the end, work out how far in they start and cut to that time.

Thanks for reading, if you have used this software let me know what you think.

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