Year One

Year One is a film that was released in 2009. As it is over a year old AND on DVD I will be dropping spoilers as and when I see fit. I think it is a pretty well-known film so I don’t have any guilt for saying any spoilers what so ever.                                                                                                    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

This film is based back in the cavemen era and it shows us the journey of two cavemen who aren’t the best at what they do. Jack Black plays a character called Zed and he is the worst hunter in the village “And gatherer” his best friend who’s name is Oh is played by Michael Cera. Zed gets banished from the village for eating the forbidden fruit and while he is defending his case he sets the village on fire by waving a lit torch around him trying to convince people to comme with him. Obviously this just pisses off the villagers who then literally chase him out of the village into the near by woods. Zed then gets caught by the Alpha man in the village who (as you can guess) detests Zed.

Que Oh coming to save the day by knocking the guy out so Zed can run away,  this series of events means that Oh can no longer return to the village either. As they can’t head back to where they once where they have to move forth and see what is over the mountain. (They believe that the world ends at the mountains). After they realise that the world keeps going they travel on and discover a cow for the first time, Zed tries attacking the cow which, as you may have guessed, doesn’t go to well. The owner of the field then comes over with his brother and they soon start to fight with each other. One thing leads to another and Zed and Oh end up just watching everything happen like this.

 I’m not going to go scene by scene saying everything that happens as that will take ages and you will know the entire film so… Later on in the film Zed and Oh find themself in city in the desert, a series of events go down and Zed ends up being called upon by the princess while Oh is left to be a human statue. After convincing the princess that he is “The Chosen One” Zed is sent into the forbidden room to reason with the gods to end the drought. Blah Blah Blah, Yadda Yadda Yadda after they realise that he isn’t they go back to sacrificing virgins to get it to rain.

PrisonersAfter a fight breaks out and the dust has settled Zed has ended up being in charge of the city (*in a sarcastic tone* what a surprise happy ending) and Oh goes on his travels with his partner and a few followers. Overall my opinion on the film is that if you like cheesy comedies when you can guess the next joke and predict the lines they might say, this is the film for you. As it’s Jack Black playing the main protagonist it has that certain awesome yet rubbish aspect to it.

This film is not for everyone so if you have seen it, let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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