Project Naptha!

I just discovered this plug-in 10 minutes before I started writing which is why this is going to be a running review. By the time this gets posted I will have been using it for a few days so I can give you more info about the plug-in.Pokeball

Day one using Project Naptha: So far I have copied the text from a picture although it wasn’t a perfect copy I can still see a huge bonus from not having to type it all out yourself. It is a lot easier to just correcting the mistakes that it did. I will put a meme on and copy the text below so you can see what it grabs. The way this is done Is by simply selecting the text like you would from any document, then right clicking. Next up you just need to click copy (ctrl + c sadly doesn’t work yet, they may do that in the future). Finally just paste it onto the document or wherever you want the text to go. From the picture below I will copy the first line.



This text was recognized by the built-in Ocrad engine. A better transcription may be attained by right clicking on the selection and changing the OCR engine to “Tesseract” (under the “Language” menu). This message can be removed in the future by unchecking “OCR Disclaimer” (under the Options menu). More info:”

That is what it pastes. as I said I could just delete all the extra that I don’t want, or I could have just typed Head On Collision myself, however if it was a lot of text I was copying it would be easier to remove the extra text that it added. (After rereading the extra text I just realised that I can turn it off). The second thing I have done on day one is editing text, I’ll bring up another example below.

No I won’t, I can’t get that working now that I want an example haha. I’ll keep playing with it tomorrow after I get home from Pride Festival. Write more tomorrow, bye for now.

Day 2: I set the edit text up before I went out for a few hours as I thought it may take a while to recognise what the text says before I can change it. I was out for over 4 hours and it still didn’t let me change it by the time I got home. The reason I think this in’t working is because it is still in beta (the first release while they are still working on it.)

Sadly, the exact same thing happens with the translate function (which is the secondVegan Club thing I tried to do today.) I tried to translate the image to the right into Russian but once again the software just selected the entirety of the text and started flashing white indefinitely. The only reason it stopped is because I decided to close the picture as I got sick of waiting for it. Again, this part of the plug-in is still in beta so it won’t be perfect for a while now.

The next part will be written tomorrow on day 3. Bye Bye.

GordonDay 3: In the advanced section you can make the picture select or highlight certain parts of the picture e.g. words, letters, body of text so on and so forth. In this photo I have selected everything so you can see what it would look like if you where to do so, I will also add the options so you know what has being selected, that photo will be below.


If you are a fan of the internet in general and more specifically memes you may remember the Spiderman meme. This has always been and always will be one of my favorite. So the next few reference photos are of them. Just letting you know XD


Another thing that I tried today is searching the text without copying it just by clicking on the search option. searching the top line that reads “NO, BARREL, I INSIST” the search asked Google to look for “I INSIST  NO, BARREL,” so it switched the former and the latter.



Lets try again with another photo.Spiderman all the way

This time I will search the entire text that it lets me copy. That reads “Lets go a No regre” as messed up as that is, lets see what it asks Google to look for “Lets go a No regre”. This time it got all the same text that I copied, it just didn’t copy all of it…

If the software wasn’t in Beta I would say that it is beyond hope and that nobody should install it. But it is. I’d say wait a few months and I’ll do another review based on anything they have updated (which I really hope they do)

For the time being stay well clear of this plug-in. If you do have it let me know what you think of it.

Once again thanks for reading guys 🙂


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