Spotify is a piece of software that alows users to stream music, podcast, and video ether to their laptop/computer or a portable device such as your phone or tablet and more. Spotify was founded in April of 2006 by a Swedish guy called Daniel Ek. Spotify officially went live in September of 2008 by the company Spotify AB who now handle research and the development of the company in Stockholm while Spotify Ltd. operates as the parent company, headquartered in London.

Spotify levelsAs of June 2016 Spotify had over 100 million users who actually use the software and roughly half a billion registered users over all. The total amount of paid subscribers managed to hit 30 million in March of 2016. There have long been three tiers of Spotify listening: Free, Unlimited (£4.99 per month), and Premium (£9.99 per month). And they each offer different capabilities and limits, depending on which device you are using. There is more information in the image to the left.

The main downside of the free account is the amount of adverts, when I first downloaded it a few years ago there was one advert every half hour or so, with the average song being under 5 minutes I was happy with the ratio. Now there a 3 adverts every 10 minutes if not sooner and I’m starting to wonder if it is worth it anymore. Another bug I have to bear is randomly it will mute itself while playing my music (I don’t know if this is just for me or everyone), the way to fix this is for me to mute my laptop then unmute again… Really Spotify? Really?

Not from my phone.

Try to think of a good thing besides free music. This is getting difficult. The remote ability. Recently Spotify added a pretty cool ability into Spotify, everyone’s laptop/computer/Playstation/Xbox are hooked up to better speakers than their phone right? You want to listen to music while you game right? It’s annoying having to tab to Spotify to change the track mid game right? Now you don’t have to, you can keep playing, pull you phone from your pocket and switch song without having to unlock your phone or even looking away from the screen.

The only thing keeping me to Spotify is the unlimited free music that I can listen to while on the internet, I guess I could start buying music again but I haven’t done that in a few years, although, there are other options 😉 (not promoting theft or pirating things, it was just a joke) I think I am going to keep it untill I get what I want on some other software.

Let me know wat you think about the software?

Thanks for reading 🙂


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