Hostel is a horror film written and directed by Eli Roth which came out in 20005.

IMDB describes the film as “Three backpackers head to a Slovak city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them.” I’ll expand on that.

hostel guys

Ignore the guy on the right, I’ll come back to that guy. The three other guys are the main protagonists and are called: Paxton, the one closest to the guy on the right; Oli, the guy in the orange coat (remember the coat while watching the film) and lastly Josh on the far left. Paxton is the leader of the three guys, not that he bosses them about, he just seems to be alpha. Josh and Paxton knew each other since school and decided to go backpacking across Europe. While they where in a certain place they would stay in hostels (obviously) and one day they met Oli as they call him “a drifter” who started tagging along with them.

One night the three of them went out drinking and to get high as they where in Amsterdam. They stayed out passed the curfew and therefore got locked out of the hostel the where staying at, cue Alex, the ugly guy with the camera in the picture above. He says that they can come into his apartment so they aren’t out in the streets all night. They get talking about what they are up to and why they are in town. Alex leads on to telling the guys about this amazing hostel that is far East Europe and can’t be found in any guide or online (right them I knew Alex was no good) if the characters could have heard me they would have left right then. They didn’t. Obviously. Alex then goes on and says how the entire village is full of smoking hot girls who are desperate for men and they absolutely adore Americans (sounds to good to be true right?)Train scene

After being told about this utopia the guys board a train to this remote place. They meet the guy to the left, he’s strange to put it lightly. He came in the cart on the phone to his daughter which he quickly hung up and started to talk to the guys. Oli then started talking about his daughter which surprised Paxton and Josh as they didn’t really get to know Oli before he joined them in the backpacking trip. I can’t seem to recall the name for this guy, so lets just call him German Surgeon. German Surgeon pulls out a meat salad (sorry vegans) and starts eating with his hands, when Paxton calls him up on it German Surgeon starts ranting about people loosing their relationship with their food. After eating (okay, new name for him is GS as it’s getting annoying typing German Surgeon) after eating GS starts talking to the boys again and grabs Josh’s leg as if he was making a move, as you could expect Josh flipped and started yelling which made GS run away. For now.

After the guys arrive at the village they go straight to the hostel and then their room. TheHostel room first thing they see when entering the room is a couple of girls getting changed. After apologising to the girls they invited them to a nude sauna (of course the guys accepted (for you sickos out Nopethere, yes you see naked women in this film)). But not on my website 😉 I censor. After talking to the girls for a while the guys seem to like them, so when they get invited to go clubbing with them, the obviously go. They then go back to the hostel and …

They go out the next night also, this time Paxton heads to the toilet but gets locked in the clubs beer cellar all night. When he wakes up and is let out he goes back to the hostel to find his friends, Oli has gone missing since last night, so has an Asian girl who the guys had spoken to the day before. Paxton and Josh then head out and follow a guy they thought was Oli to no avail. Later on Josh goes missing also and this makes Paxton freak out because now he is alone in whoknowswhereestan. He makes one of the women from the hostel take him to where his friends (supposedly) are. She claims that they are at an art exhibit so he willingly walks into this run down building that he doesn’t know.

hostel_05_72dpiAfter Paxton walks into the abandoned building it is apparent that it isn’t an art exhibit but that something fishy is going on. She strolls through the building and finds mister ham fingers from the train. This is when shit starts to go down and Paxton gets caught.

The rest is for you find out yourself via watching or any other way you see fit

Thanks for reading, if you have seen this film, let me know what you think 🙂


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