The Pink Flamingo!

The Pink Flamingo is an amazing little sandwich shop in Hull. Before I go on the address is 35 Chanterlands Avenue, Hull, HU5 3SS.Pink Flamingo Slush

The Pink Flamingo aren’t like every other sandwich shop out there. Reel Sandwich Co. are nice, but boring. The Pink Flamingo are also a sweet shop, serving a large variety of sweets, mixing from the classics you would have had as a kid to modern-day candy, such as liquorice torpedoes and sweet tobacco. Do you know anywhere that sells White Belgian chocolate coated Oreos? Pink Flamingo sells them. What about a Chocolate orange cake? Or some Belgian chocolate coated Twinkies? Six flavor Slush? All are at Pink Flamingo 😉

Back to savory now. Pink Flamingo don’t just make the average ham and cheese sandwich you get things like the Big Jeff (detailed below). Yesterday I had the best Cajun Chicken and Mozzarella sub of my life. If you’re not in the mood for a sandwich that’s fine, they also sell a range of baked goods such as Cornish or Cajun chicken pasties and what some people have been calling the best fresh stone-baked pizzas they have ever tried.

Now. For the Big Jeff: On the Facebook page (that you can find here) it says the following about it “Think you can handle a ‘Big Jeff’?????
Measuring in at a foot long and a cooked height of 3 inches approx this is the monster of sandwiches, filled with meatballs, bacon, chicken, ham, pastrami, pepperoni, and burger….like our legendary meathead but a lot meaner!! Could probably feed a family of four but we know you regulars….come n hav a go!!!! Costs £12.50 and plz give 30 minutes notice or be prepared to wait whilst the beast is constructed…muchos love xxx”

Big Jeff
This… is the Big Jeff

I would love to try a Big Jeff sometime but I genuinely doubt I could finish it myself so I may need to invite some friends out sometime and share it with them. If I had friends that is *cries in corner*.

Now let’s enjoy some photos of the goodies they supply.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking through the page on Facebook we can find the reviews, lets take a look.Reviews Everybody has rated it 5 stars out of 5. How can anybody argue with that? But to remain impartial I need to think of something negative to say about it. This is a hard choice, do I say that the staff are just too friendly? Then go on about how after you leave you feel like you have just made some life long friends because they are really kind? How about how clean it is? Nowhere should be that clean, it’s like Monica Geller lives there.

Okay you got me, they are all good things. The only down side I can legit think of is that it is to far from my house and that they should move closer. But then I would probably get fat from eating there all day every day… Carbs are a bad thing man, you gotta eat them in moderation :p

Time to post some reviews now “Pizzas spot on! Along with the rack off the ribs I have also had highly rated..”

“Best pizza I’ve eaten in a long time. Outstanding !!”

“Great food and a friendly atmosphere, I definitely recommend eating here. :)”


All the rest of the reviews didn’t write anything just left 5 stars

If you like food at all. You should absolutely try Pink Flamingo Food-O-Rama

If you have, go give them some love on Facebook (again it’s here) and let me know what you think also 🙂 Thanks for reading Guys & Gals 🙂

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