The Devil Within!

The Devil Within, also known as The Devil Complex is a 2016, supposed, Horror/Thriller directed by Mark Evans.

This is the hardest film I have ever tried to do research on, I knew the film as The Devil Within. When Googling it, it comes up with a song, a film from 2010 with the same name, The Devil Within and a film called The Devil Inside from 2012 (I have seen this film, a review is yet to follow). I then decided to add the name of the Director, Mark Evans, into the search and it came up with an IMDb link to a film called The Devil Complex. The page shows a photo somewhat similar to the DVD case which my friend lent me, but at the same time, it’s different. I put 2 + 2 together and took a wild guess that it’s the same film. The picture on the left is from IMDb, the picture on the right is what is on the DVD case.

Looking through Google, all the pictures on there are insanely bad and I couldn’t find a decent one for the cover photo as the film is hardly known. That is why I settled for the piece of cr@p snow shot I did. Now to the reason you people actually read this thing. The Review.

The Devil Within (I will keep changing the name as I go along so just stay with me here) is the closest film to The Blair Witch Project (1999) that I have ever seen, in the essence of them both being a POV film being recorded by a bunch or artards. The only reason they venture into the woods is to try prove that there is nothing paranormal in there, (like Blair Witch) but while they are there, paranormal things happens to them (that we don’t see or hear, just like Blair Witch).

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The worst thing to happen in The Devil Complex is that they find a kid’s shoe and a teddy lying on the floor but no child. Yes, the tour guide dies but we just find the corpse and later he is hanging upside down from a tree. So what, he was creepy. I’m worried for the kid missing a shoe in 2 foot of snow. Poor bugger will lose his damn foot.

The last time I hated a film this much was when I watched Spring Breakers a year ago and if you read my review, you will know how much I hated that piece of cr@p excuse of a film (especially the “LOOK AT MY SHIT, LOOK AT MY SHIT” scene).

You should really avoid this film as I’m sure you have something better to do in those 2 hours or so.

If you have seen it let me know what you think, and your comparisons to Blair Witch Project.

Thanks for reading!

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