Run Bit Run!

I got in touch with the producer of this game almost a year ago regarding doing a review for this app and I always wanted to do this but sadly never got round to doing it. Now I am.

Before I start the actual review I would like to thank David for all the information he has given me regarding this so I can let others know about it. Now to the review, Run Bit Run is a fast-paced 2D endless runner game where you have to avoid obstacles so you can beat your high score and complete missions.

Looking on the website for Run Bit Run (found here) they have the following list of features:


  • 10 skins for your Bit
  • 8 colors for different objects in the game
  • 4 different powerups
  • over 60 challenges
  • leaderboard
  • unique gameplay

They also describe the gameplay as:

“Try to escape the wall with your bit and run as far as you can without hitting any obstacles.
Complete challenges to unlock new powerups, skins and colors.
Compete against the world with the leaderboard and share your score with your friends!”

Lets watch some game play shall we?

I had a Q&A with David regarding the app:

Q) How many people over all worked on the game to get it where it is?

A) I’ve worked on the game all by myself. I did the programming, design and everything except for the in-game sounds, which I got from Right now I’m trying myself at marketing the game  😀

Q) What was the inspiration to make the game? Was it based on anything else?

A) So the inspiration to make a game came when I heard on a German twitch channel called RocketBeansTV that the Unity Engine is now free to use and that you can easily make games for multiple platforms with it. I’m studying business informatics in Germany so I thought that I could give it a try, since I’ve always liked programming, but never got the chance to use a gaming engine before.
I wanted to keep the controls very simple because I wanted to make a mobile game.  I
thought of all the endless runners, where you jump over obstacles by toucGameIdee Run-Bit-Runhing on the screen and decided to do it differently, so that I have a unique feature compared to other games. That’s why I have my so-called “Stop and Go” gameplay.  I used simple graphics in my game, because I’m not a designer, photoshop pro or anything and have never used any 3D modelling. Before starting to build the game I did a drawing as the main idea.

Q) Are you thinking of adding jumping or ducking and any other motion?

A) I don’t know how far you’ve come in the game, but after 300m of running there is an obstacle where you automatically jump and have to try to land on a moving platform. I’ve thought about implementing motions like jumping or ducking but I wanted to keep the touch controls as simple as it can get. If I would add a jump I would have to implement a jump button or anything and I didn’t want that and I think the game would be too easy if you could just jump over the spike on the floor. And the ducking is made by the small powerup. The more challenges you complete, the longer will the powerups last and if you’ve unlocked the strongest small powerup, you stay small for 15 seconds, which is a pretty long time and can get you a big extra on the bonus points.
I’ve thought a lot about other powerups, like getting faster, or even becoming bigger but then getting more points or something like that, and I want to implement levels, which you can complete, with an endboss at the end of every world or so. I have a lot of things I would like to implement into the game, but that all takes time and I released it now just to see how people react on the game and if I can make some profit out of the game, so that all my free time that I’m working on the game is not going to be wasted on a game that no one is playing.

Q) How long did it take to make?

A)  I’ve started planning the game in early 2015 and had already build the main feature like running and some obstacles after some weeks, but then I took a break, due to my studying and witcher 3 :D.  In September I really got into it again and worked on it in my free time. I cannot really say how much hours I’ve spend in building the game. I was new to Unity and if I would have to build the game again it would not take me that much time again.

Q) Finally, when was the realise date

A) I released the game on the google play store on the 2nd or 3rd of November, but still had to wait for Apple to approve the app and that took over a week. When they approved it on the 11thof November I could finally start telling everyone about it. So I’d say the release date is the 11th of November.

I have played the game quite a bit by now (not very well though) and it is one of the few games that is going to be staying on my phone to kill time when I need to instead of going on social media all the time. If I could say one thing to be changed it would be… either remove the adverts and/or the ability to remove a challenge if you can’t complete it so the players don’t get fed up of the same ones all the time.

I’m a big for of this app and I recommend that readers download it

Thanks for reading guys and gals 🙂


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