Mallrats is a comedy from 1995 written and directed by Kevin Smith (he also plays Silent Bob).

This (stoner) films storyline is predominantly about two guys who have just lost the
women they love and how they are trying to get them back. Th
e personalities of Jay and Silent Bob are sooo freaking different but at the same Jay and Silent Bobtime they are alike (being stoners) but isn’t that why friendships work? we are different from the people closest to us so personalities bounce off each other. Jay is the in your face don’t fu

The film opens up to Brandi waiting for T.S to come round so they can (wait for the infamous term) “Talk” but we all know what that means.After T.S gets broken up with the same thing happens to Brodie courtesy of Rene. The entirety of the film is the guys doing what ever it takes to get the girls back. The side story going on is Jay and Silent Bob doing what ever it takes to destroy the stage of a game show that is taking place in the local Mall to help T.S get Brandi back.

As Brodie is obsessed with comic books Stan Lee (the legend behind Marvel) and sadly he can’t act for shit. That may be why he only has one line in anything Marvel. I can’t really say much more about the film as nothing insanely memorable really happens.

I wouldn’t say that I choose to put it on for myself but I may recommend it to a friend if all they watch is stoner films.

My rating for this film is:


Thanks for reading. If you have seen this film, let me know what you think.

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