Piano Tiles 2!

Piano Tiles is also known as “Don’t tap the white tiles” I think Piano Tiles in a much better name. As you can tell by the name of my review this is going to be on the second Piano Tiles released by Cheetah Games. Cheetah Games currently have 5 apps on the market and their page has been tagged on their name if you want to check them out.

Piano Tiles 2 is pretty much the same as the first with some changes. I haven’t played the first one so I shall just treat this as an independent app. The aim of the game is to tap the black tiles as they go down your screen and not miss any or you’ll lose. If you touch anywhere on the screen that doesn’t have a tile on you will lose also. Sounds pretty easy right? Well it starts off that way then the songs get harder and faster. songs

The first three songs you unlock are Little Star, Jingle Bells and Canon. The more you play you will unlock more songs (I am yet to figure out if it is based on songs played or your level). The song will track how many points you get, points are one per tap, two if you have a dual tap and on the blue tiles you need to hold down you will get X amount of points depending how long it is. Those points build up as you play (obviously) and you will get a Diamond when you get a third of a way through the song, then two them all three stars when you finish the song. After that you will get a crown for each time you complete the song without dying. If you die you start again from 0 points but you do get to keep your best score.

Incase you wondered I have got 3 crowns on every song I have played in my music screen. The game also has Class (Hall in the pic) where you have a challenge to attempt and see how well you can do. I did the challenge and it doesn’t give crowns out so I now also have 4
Diamonds (I will talk about the significance of this when the time comes).

leaderboardThe time has come. The game (you just lost the game) just like everything else, syncs with Facebook so you can share your score or just let your competitive side out like I do( I am number one on every song against 12 friends who play. You can view how well you are doing in comparison to your friends on the leaderboard. I am currently 4th out of my friends with 84 Crowns and 4 Diamonds. The person just above me has 95 Crowns and 28 Diamonds as she has played for longer (I’m level 12 and she is level 21), the person below me has 62 Crowns and 52 Diamonds (she is level 21 also). Your level has nothing to do with your placement on the leaderboard as you can tell from what I just said :p and the image to the left.

As this is a review I shall say my opinion on it (which I have been told I don’t do much so I shall do it more. I just talk about the thing being reviewed and don’t say what I think.) I like the way this game kills time without you noticing, I was in the car to visit my gran with my family (I wasn’t driving don’t worry). The ride normally takes about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the traffic but this time we stopped to get her a birthday present and I stayed in the car playing the game. I was so emerged in the game (this is also a bad thing to some people) that I didn’t realise that we arrived at the shops and I just kept playing as my parents shopped. I was still playing the same song when they got back to the car and when we arrived at my grandparents house. I would have said we where in the car for about 5 to 10 minutes but it was closer to 45. Hence the saying Time Killer. You can get the app for Android or if you are the kind of person who uses bad tech you can also get it for apple.

The thing that bugs me the most with this app is that it doesn’t always register a tap, I could be half way through a song and be killing it but the app randomly stops sensing my taps and tells me I missed one -.- causing me to die. The other issue with the app is that  when you get a message on Messenger the app doesn’t let you keep tapping either (although this could be a problem caused by Messenger so…)

Overall I like the game and would recommend it to friends. Hell. I already have.

Thanks for reading.


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