Century City!

Century City is an app by Pine Entertainment you can find their website here. You can download the game for Android here and for the lesser device (apple) here. The game was uploaded to the playstore on the 26th of August 2016 so it hasn’t been out for that long yet it already has reached the 100,000 – 500,000 installs bracket.

In short and skipping loads of factors of  the app, Century City is just another game like Adventure Capitali$t or Cookie Clicker. The aim of the goal is to tap the screen to get gold so you can upgrade your city to aid you in the quest of getting gold, to upgrade the city to aid you in the quest of. You see where this is going right? Good. After getting gold you can also upgrade your pickaxe so you can destroy blocks quicker/get more gold from a block.

As always, these are not my pictures. I found them on google.

So far my City has a Petrol Station: (I’m still trying to get over the fact Americans call petrol (a liquid) gas. HOW IS LIQUID A GAS?); A market/corner shop; a town hall (the first building you construct); a casino where you can play Higher Lower with dice; a standard office block; a hospital; a school (although I don’t have any houses yet); and a car park (for all the people I don’t have) and a police station and a restaurant. Later on in the game I can unlock more buildings such as: a beer club (a bar); a bank; a spa for all the stressed out people who don’t exist; a post office for, you get it; a sports stadium and the metro/train station.

The main downside/flaw in the game is that it crashes quite a lot. Say I’m in the mine for a minute, (it may not seem like a log time, but if all you are doing is tapping your screen for a minute, it feels like ages) when I tap the button to leave the mine and go back to the city it wouldn’t let me. The wa guy just kept mining. The only fix I could find if the classic engineers reset, turn it off and on again. I had to fully close the app and remove it from recent apps then reopen it.

mineWhile in the mine you have to tap to make the little guy do any work, as you tap you fill up the jack hammer power, when it’s full you can make the little man use the jack hammer and it will mine automatically, it does it pretty fast too. You can tap while the jack hammer is in use and it will make him mine even faster. Each layer you destroy will take you further down and you can see this by the pattern of the walls, the torches getting planted as you descend and the meter mark on the very left of the screen. As I said you can upgrade the pickaxe of the little lad, doing this gives you more gold from each block of dirt. You can also change the kind of ladder he climbs, what the ground is made of, what kind of lanterns he places on the walls and how often the dinosaurs appear in the wall. I don’t think these have any affect what so ever. Yet I keep wasting money on them… Every once in a while you will get a block that is harder to destroy, when it finally breaks you can get a prize out of it. The prize varies from a slot like game, you spin and you win a prize to a block you have to tap on continually until time runs out or you fill the bar. after that you will get a reward depending on how much of the bar you filled. Randomly a present will come up the side on a platform (that platform can also be upgraded) but I am yet to successfully open the present, no matter how many times or how fast I tap the gift it won’t open.daily

A little touch I do like about the game is that all the buildings have something that move on them. The school has a huge pencil on the roof rolling back and forth, the diner has a knife and fork falling down then standing back up again I can’t be ar$ed to tell you all of them so the last one I’ll say is the shopping cart on the shops roof. The game does have a daily reward, but it comes multiple times a day… that makes no sense. The first time you do it on that day you get a special daily reward that gets better and better as you do it, you can also do it at multiple times throughout the day. You tap on a cruise ship that pulls into the dock and you get a square island pop up, you then tap the screen and it spins around. What ever it stops on is your prize. Simple.

To be honest, this is probably the worst app I have ever installed.
I would only recommend this to the kinda parents that don’t want their kids to experience any form of physical violence in games.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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