Black Sails!

Black Sails is a tv series that is airing in USA and South Africa. It started in 2014 and fortunately is still on the air. There are currently four seasons for this magnificent show but I will only be talking about the first (as that is all I have seen).

the-walrusThe main protagonist is called Captain James Flint (played by Toby Stephens) and we mainly follow his adventures with the crew of The Walrus. Flint is known throughout the West Indies as being the most feared of all the Golden Age Pirates and for that reason people tend not to fuc5 with him. Starting his career as an officer of the Royal Navy. Besides people knowing hot to fuc5 with him, he was also known for been one of the most successful pirate captains in the Bahamas.Captain Flnt.jpg

Captain Flint wants to be in charge of the pirate empire known as Nassau so he can control what the pirates sell, who they sell to and where they can sail. If he can complete this goal he can later stop the British and Spanish empires from trying to stop the pirates as he can do all negotiating. To accomplish his goals, he started the hunt for the Urca de Lima, the richest Spanish treasure galleon in the New World. As he is chasing an old legend he never tells his crew what the are going after (that’s a big no-no in the pirate code).

After taking  John Silver (guess who he turns into later) on as a new cook Flint realises that a page is missing from a journal that he is following to find the treasure. After causing a sh!t tonne of trouble and blaming the wrong man they realise who really did take the page. Instead of giving it back and getting killed for stealing it John decides to memorize the page and then proceeds to burn it. Now having some leverage he talks his way back onboard The Walrus and will help them find the long-lost treasure.

That is pretty much as far as I have got with Black Sails as of yet. There are other things happening but I’m not going to go into every aspect of every conversation.
I know this is a different approach to Movie Monday, let me know if you like TV being reviewed aswell, if not I’ll go back to just Films on Mondays.

Thanks for reading

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