Unless you are a technophobe or you are Amish (but then again how are you reading this?) I’m sure you have heard of the ignominious app Tinder. Tinder is available on Android and amishapple.

If you look on Playstore Tinder has classed itself as a Lifestyle app whereas anyone who
uses it will probably tell you it is more of a Social app as it aids you in talking to new people. I’ll paste their own description below.

“10 billion matches later, Tinder has changed the way people meet around the world. Making new connections on Tinder is easy and fun—just Swipe Right to Like someone, or Swipe Left to pass. If someone likes you back, It’s a Match! Chat with your matches, step away from your phone, get out and experience something new in the real world. It’s that simple!”

Tinder is pretty much the 2015/16 Smash or Pass. If you think somebody looks attractive you swipe right or tap on a heart (you can tap on their photo and see what the person says about themself and see more photos). I know a few guys that swipe right on EVERY girl on Tinder as the only reason they have it is to get there w!lly wet. This brings me to my next statement. Tinder has shamed my hometown of Hull by causing it to be one of the City’s with the most STI’s back in 2014 (god I hope it has changed now) and it is also causing the teenage pregnancy rate to increase (not that I can talk).

jon-snowAs you can write about yourself, a lot of clevagepeople try to be funny (emphasis on try), others go straight into perv mode modeled by Jon Snow here. Some people get so use to the same old questions they post the answer before anyone gets the chance to ask. TRIGGER WARNING! A lot of girls have bra pics or bikini pics (not slut shaming. Just saying).

Besides like or pass you can also SuperLike somebody (for some reason) and when you pop up to the other person it will show that you super liked them so you can come across as creepy and weird to somebody you like and probably want to impress. If (talking from the guy’s perspective) you are lucky enough to match with someone the next step is to have a good opener so you can have a conversation. One of my favorites is telling them about Cat Island, the ratio of cats to people is 4:1. My other is asking them if they want a classic cheesy pick up line or a general conversation (I have use this a few times and most of the time they ask for one of both).

After talking to somebody it is up to the two of you where this goes, I have made a fair few friends using Tinder (as that is all I was looking for), I have met up with only one person, we where both interested in each other but nothing panned out. I’ll stop telling you all about my life now and get back to the review. I have seen a quite a lot of smooth lines to get someones number.

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Tinder also has a Social section for groups of people to meet up on a night out, I haven’t really tried this part of Tinder sooo. Yeah. NEXT!

I think Tinder itself is a pretty good app, it’s the people who make it seem bad. The people use it for one night stands. The people are the ones who keep spreading STIs. The people are the ones getting each other pregnant. Tinder just helped them meet.

Thanks for reading Guys (yes I just assumed your gender)

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