Scorpion Death Chilli Chocolate!

Scorpion Death Chilli Chocolate. Just the name alone has stopped my father from trying it and this guy was in the bloody Naffy.
habaneroThere are no decent videos online and I spent a WHOLE 30 seconds looking for one. This one will have to do.

As you can see they are pretty chill with it, but they only had a tiny bit, they spat it out and they had milk. They both then went on saying how it burns and they wouldn’t have any more. The guy wanted to pay somebody to try it.

The chillies in it are Habanero chilli extract (Habanero chilis are very hot, rated 100,000–350,000 on the Scoville scale) and dried chilli peppers. Combining the two is pretty freaking hard for the average person to eat a big piece without crying. If you eat a lot of spicy foods or try a lot of “hot” foods you will probably not think much of this as it is only just in the Warning section of the Scoville Scale. Speaking of warnings OddFellows (website here) put a warning on the back of the bag that reads”DANGER EXTREME HEAT!”scoville_scale

When I first tried it with a friend I made the mistake of letting her read the bag and that’s when she decided we are both only having a little bit. The tiny bit she had made her down a pint of water and go back for more. My first bit wasn’t that hot so stupidly I went back for a bigger bit that was about 3 times the size of what I had last time. I was in tears of pain from it. I don’t have peppers, I  don’t have any spice what so ever. I am the stereotypical common white guy. The most spicy thing I tend to have is Jalapeño when I go to subway. But this didn’t stop me eating it again with my sister. Or my mother. Or two more friends.

scorpion-death-chilli-chocolateThe description on the bag and on the website reads as follows “Instant heat building up to an intense inferno in your mouth! Once tried never forgotten.  We dare you to try it.” The website goes on to say “Flavours that are delicious on their own, but are created as pairing for real ales, ciders and coffees – great fun to eat with a group of friends.” On the back of the bag there are four boxes Fresh, Warm, Luxury and Fiery (this has a tick in the box) these are the four kinds of chocolate that you can get from OddFellows. The fact it says Intense Inferno is the sole reason I bought this chocolate.

I would highly recommend you buy some, whether you tell your friends and family is up to you. Just do what ever it takes to get them to eat it. You can get it for £2.40 from the website or if you cba to search for it. click here.

Last bit of info about the company “Our Company is unlike any other chocolate company, since we’re not afraid of experimenting with strong flavours to make something fun and interesting eat. So, if you have a great idea for a new chocolate flavour, we’d love to hear from you!”

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