Inside Out!

At the age of 11 Riley has to move to a new city for her dads job, this means new friends, new house and a new school.emotions

Inside Out is an Animation Comedy from 2015 showing how people’s mind work. The answer is we have 5 little people in our head controlling every thing. These people are Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. While Riley is growing up her life is amazing. She has her core memories of Family, Honesty, Friends, Ice Hockey and being a Goofball. Core memories are what create Somebody’s personality and when they are formed they build an island that will “start-up” when the person who’s head they are in, or somebody else does something along those lines. E.g. Riley’s parents act like a monkey when they say good-bye to her as her nickname is. You guessed it. Monkey. When they act like this Goofball Island “Starts up” and Riley starts to act like a goof. When she sees a handrail, again Goofball Island will make her want to ride down the rail like a goof.


Our reactions to things depend on who is pressing the buttons and pulling the levers, if Joy is working the console we react happy to things and were smiling all the time. If sadness takes over all out memories of what’s happening will be upsetting and depressive. The same goes for Fear, Disgust and Anger. All the memories form as orbs and they change to the
colour of the long-termemotion controlling them. The orbs build up throughout the day and get sent to long-term storage when we go to sleep for us to recall to later on in life. If we don’t care about a memory they fade and get thrown away. One memory that I will never let fade is me hanging onto the outside of an escalator as a kid and hanging there as it was going up.

I won’t tell you the main bit part of the film as it isn’t that old yet. Let me just say that by the end they realise there is a whole new way of doing things. and I’ll leave you with the following picture inside-out-core-memories-closeup

Thanks for reading.

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