Revo Uninstaller!

If you couldn’t tell by the name of therevo software, Revo Uninstaller is a deep cleaner to aid you in uninstalling any software (or hardware updates) that you want to get rid of. I reckon a fair bit of this review will be posting things from the website, the remainder will be my oppinion and my experiance with Revo Unnstaller.

Main Benefits of using Revo Uninstaller Pro

( From the website)
  • Remove programs easily
  • Uninstall stubborn programs
  • Delete leftover data after regular uninstall
  • Avoid installation errors
  • No more update problems
  • Learn what changes programs make on your computer during their installation
  • Achieve best uninstall results and experience
  • For your convenience Portable Version available (unlimited computers)


I recently did a very stupid thing and updated this software. Before the update I could do all of the above on the free version ( not the Hunter Mode) while Pro had extra settings that I couldn’t use. After I have updated the software I only have the basic settings and I can no longer do Forced Uninstall (I used this for all my uninstalls) which has left me with the basic uninstall. Quick/Multiple Uninstall is pretty self explaining, you can select multiple things to be uninstalled at the same time, this however didn’t do a deep clean like the other uninstalls do.


These are the extra settings that I have never been able to use, although that doesn’t stop me from knowing what they are. Junk file cleaner is pretty much the same as CCleaner (my review on CCleaner isn’t my best work ever. I was new to doing reviews), Autorun Manager will let you see the software that starts when the laptop does (CCleaner also does this) or you can check it yourself in the Windows settings. MS Office Cleaner again goes without saying. Evidence Remover, I have no idea what this is but at a guess I’d have to say it is kinda like the Junk File cleaner but looks for the tenny tiny files that get left behind after you clean your junk file or what not. Windows Tools is once again, exactly what it says, you have all the Windows Tools in one place, the default Defrag software, Snipping Tool I bet disk clean-up is in there along with other software. Browsers Cleaner and Windows Cleaner go without saying. Unrecoverable Delete. Okay. Apparently not everyone knows that if you delete something from a computer/laptop/phone or whatever, it is never fully gone. Unrecoverable Delete claims that this is, it claims that it can’t be brought back, I’m saying claimed as I haven’t tried to prove nor disprove this yet.captureDon’t worry, it is available for all the best opperating systems. Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and Windows XP. It can be downloaded in Pro (the one you just read about) from here. You get a free 30 day trial with the pro version, you can contact them after 20 days or so and say that you don’t  want it. Sorted. You can also get the basic free version that I currently use and get the following settings.capture



Notice now that Hunter Mode is now available, however it isn’t the same quality as the pro version. Tools will show or hide the unavailable settings so you aren’t constantly being bugged with the reminder that you don’t have the best software possible. I have no idea what Hunter Mode does, thinking about it, it goes into the background and watches for any unused software. When I click on it, the window just minimises. Uninstall will become available when you have clicked on the software you want to remove and the others are obvious. Revo does upgrade the software about once a month, so if you download it, there is a possibility that all this has changed again.

Revo Uninstaller is some of my favorite software, I’m sure a lot of people have had some software that they couldn’t uninstall fully, it ether locked itself (yes that is a thing) or it left remaining files preventing a fresh install. Revo Uninstaller will solve both of those problems, not only will it force uninstall it does a deep scan of the HDD to find any remaining files. I would highly recommend this software.

That’s all folks.

Thanks for reading.

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