Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street!

With an opening like this, you can only expect amazing things from another hit film by Tim Burton:

I reckon the majority of this film will be videos as the film is insanely famous, the majority of you out there have most likely seen it. There is almost nothing negative to say about it. The main only problem I can think of for the film comes to mind when comparing it to the real Sweeney. In the film Sweeney slits the throat then the chair dumps them into the cellar through the floor boards (somehow missing the cafe directly below his shop). The real Sweeney had the chair drop the person head first into the cellar and if they survived the neckbreaking fall he would slit the throat afterwards.pies

The other thing that jumps out at me about the films differences is that in real life
Sweeney didn’t work above Mrs Lovett he worked a few streets away, he used the tunnels beneath the buildings to aid him in moving the bodies to Mrs Lovett. Mrs Lovett would them proceed to use meat strippings from the bodies in pies which she would sell to the guests in her pie shop. Todd later left the bones in the family vault in a church so they couldn’t be found by anyone.

Another thing that got changed is the reason he killed. Film Sweeney killed as he wanted to get back at the Judge/Prevent Pirelli from telling everyone who he was and it sprouted from there, whereas the real Sweeney killed as he was beaten by his father and molested by his mother. I say molested because that’s how my research makes it seem, I could be wrong. One piece of research (you can read it here) says he was “I was fondled and kissed and called a pretty boy. I used to wish I was strong enough to throttle her.”

Now cue the slideshow of scene mistakes.


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Thanks for reading and Good Bye

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