pulseway-logoPulseway is an amazing piece of software/app to let you control your computer/laptop/servers from your phone without having to remote in like Chrome Remote Desktop or any other software that you may wish to use.

Pulseway have a video about the software, here it is:

As you can see from the video you can have multiple systems hooked up to your account and you can monitor any of them as long as they are turned on. You can keep the commands as simple as turning the device off or you can crank up the skill for the software and run diagnostics on any system problems, send your own commands via the Terminal (cmd), check for any updates that need to be installed while you are away from the laptop or most other things that you can do on the laptop itself.

I leave my laptop on throughout the day, mostly because it is running Handbreak (review to come) so I can copy dvd’s to my external HDD. I often go out while this is running at home as it takes a few hours and I’ll tell it to eject the disk upon completion. I check the running processes every now and again to see if the optical drive is in use, if not , I’ll send the shut down command (if my dad hasn’t been in my room already and turned it off by holding down the power button -.-)


I have only used it for personal use so far, as much as I want to try it on a big system at work, I couldn’t get my boss to give it a shot as you need to pay for the business version. If you do upgrade to the buisness account you can monitor more than the 5 devices you are limited to with the basic one. This can also be installed on a server so you can: check the temperature; run any updates or installations; check any recurring problems and more while not on site. Doing this can remove the burden of connecting to a VPN then remoting into whatever virtual machine you have your server running on (not that it’s difficult to do any of that but It is faster to use Pulseway).

One of my favorite features that Pulseway provides is the boot up notifacation that gets pushed through to the phone (if you have an internet connection) so you will know if somebody is using your laptop while you are away from it. After getting the notifacation, you can obviosly use the app the same way as you would any day, check what processes the person is running and then terminate them if you wish. If you want to mess with them you can send a message to the laptop telling them  you know they are on it, that it’s about to shut down, that it just installed a virus or just any message you think of. After you have messed with them for a bit, just turn it off. Simple

Thanks for reading 🙂

Except all us I.T guys hate the sun 😉

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